Disseny web responsive

Responsive web design

Today, Responsive or Adaptive Web Design is of vital importance in order not to lose ground in the visualization of content from any existing electronic device in the market.

Adaptive Web Design refers to the web design techniques used to provide the user with a correct visualization of the web, facilitating navigation at all times, regardless of the device with which they access the page (smartphones , tablets, laptops etc.).

Mobile devices and tablets are the ones experiencing the biggest growth and change when surfing the internet, therefore we could say that responsive design is born from the need to adapt the website to the different measures and resolutions of these. Currently Google already penalizes, in terms of SEO positioning, the pages that do not contemplate this adaptive format.

Prosite develops all types of projects on the Internet, whether corporate websites, virtual stores or blogs, always following a Responsive web structure.

Among the most important advantages of Web Design Responsive are the following:
  • Increase the visibility of your website for users of mobile devices and tablets.
  • Increase in sales and conversion rates for online stores.
  • Improve the visibility of your site for search engines.
  • Save time and money from a mobile web version.
  • Savings in the maintenance of the site.
  • Improves the user's browsing experience and load time.

Custom web development

Prosite faces any type of project optimizing time and resources using existing applications.

Each project has different needs, Prosite develops customized programming projects, adapting the web application to each client.

Programació web a mida

We develop applications with the programming language PHP and with MySQL databases as they are one of the most used web technologies worldwide, offering great advantages to both developers and customers.

Online store development

Creació de botigues on-line

Working on the Internet is already part of the daily work in most companies, as well as online shopping.

Prosite develops professional online stores with more than 300 features and custom-made according to the needs of each client:
  • Custom made project.
  • Self-manageable.
  • Flexible, scalable and safe.
  • We advise and train you so that you can manage your store online.

SEO Positioning

Natural web positioning or SEO is one of the best ways to promote a website and get new clients and visitors. It is defined as the set of practices, techniques and actions that make a web appear among the first results in the search engines, based on certain keywords.

Posicionament SEO

In Spain, more than 90% of users use the Google search engine and 91% of them will click on the first results page, most of them will not go further from the first 3 pages. This is why it is so important that the web is better optimized than the competitors.

SEO optimization improves the position of a website in the organic (free) results of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, resulting in an increase in the number of visits it receives.

Prosite uses the best SEO strategies to get the best search engine rankings.

Marketing On-line

Online Marketing is the application of all the tools aimed at promoting a business on the Internet in order to increase sales, customer loyalty, or strengthen the presence of the company on the network, achieving profitable consumer retention.

Prosite uses different online marketing tools creating the pillars that hold an Internet business:
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns (CPC): Sponsored links or SEM on platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook or Instagram allow us to attract visitors to the website.

    Marketing On-line

  • Social Media: Social networks are a great opportunity to interact with customers and carry out promotional and loyalty campaigns. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram give us a great opportunity to publicize the company and create links with future clients.

    Marketing On-line

  • Email marketing: Sending of newsletters and emails to customers is essential to keep them informed about the products and novelties of the company.
  • Corporate blogs: Corporate blogs have a wide range of possibilities for the company, they are an entry point to visits to the website, an positioning tool in search engines such as Google. They allow companies to communicate on a regular basis and promote participation of users.

Web maintenance

Prosite provides the customer with a custom web maintenance service focused on three areas:
  • Web maintenance: Content management, technical issues, updates and a long list, we guarantee your peace of mind.
  • SEO maintenance and online marketing: With SEO maintenance and online marketing, we position your website based on the best strategies and configure different campaigns to promote your business on the Internet.
  • Web and graphic consulting: The consulting service will allow you to solve your doubts whenever you want, we train and advise you so that you can get the most out of your web page.

Manteniment web

Corporative Image

The corporate image is not just a logo, it is the personality of the company itself, its soul and its face to the others. It is the social foundation of the company.

An appropriate corporate image is a determining factor in increasing and improving your reputation and credibility.

Graphic elements:
  • Logo: it is the cornerstone of the corporate image, it must be consistent with the corporate values of the company.
  • Corporate image standards manual: a good corporate image should develop and implement the following identity codes:
    • Graphic code: it includes all the graphic elements and images.
    • Typographic code: it includes typographic families, margins, hierarchies, etc..
    • Chromatic code: referring to the color palette.
Imatge Corporativa Corporate applications:
  • Stationery: cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoices, corporate folders, stamps, business cards, etc..
  • Architectural: interior signage systems, building identification, exterior signage, etc..
  • Clothing and clothing: company uniforms, shirts, etc..
  • Packaging: labels and packaging, etc..
  • Corporate vehicles: cars, vans, etc..
  • Digital applications: web page, mail format, corporate software, etc..
  • Publishing applications: corporate or institutional brochures, product catalogs, etc..

Prosite studies all the processes involved in the creation of a corporate image, naming, brand design and the subsequent development of identity.

Dominis & Hosting

Domains & Hosting

Prosite has its own dedicated server, with the best infrastructure and availability.

We register the domain or domains you want and locate your project on the internet with the best hosting solutions.

If you already have hosting, we also manage your shared server.